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The evidence you need to dump diet culture for good and take back your life.

This is wellness with awareness.

Latest Episodes:

Detoxes – Debunked

Are juice cleanses worth the hype? What about lemon water and apple cider vinegar? This is the second episode in the ‘Debunked’ series, where I take a trend from diet culture and debunk it with the facts. This episode focuses…

Lockdown Glowup – Discussed

Feeling pressure to be overly productive and lose weight during quarantine? Welcome to the first episode of the third series on this podcast, called “Discussed,” where I discuss my thoughts and opinions on different topics related to toxic diet and…

Intuitive Eating – Explained

Am I affected by diet culture? How can I get out of the diet mentality and heal my relationship with food and my body? This episode gives an overview of the concept Intuitive Eating, which was created by Evelyn Tribole…