Detoxes – Debunked

Are juice cleanses worth the hype? What about lemon water and apple cider vinegar?

This is the second episode in the ‘Debunked’ series, where I take a trend from diet culture and debunk it with the facts. This episode focuses on diet culture’s “magic elixir:” detoxes. These supplements and drinks come in many forms, but all promise to do the same thing: rid our bodies of the supposed “toxic sludge” that accumulates from our very existence–all just fraudulent marketing.

This episode goes into what detoxes and cleanses are, what they are touted to do, what they actually do, why they are dangerous, and why we do not need them. I explain why our body has biological mechanisms in place that detox our body for us, processes which can not–and do not need to be–“kick-started” by any sort of cleanse. 

Listen here:

I hope you enjoy this episode, and continue to listen so we can all finally check the facts on diet culture. Stay tuned for my upcoming episode, from the ‘Explained’ series, where I will give you the facts on the different determinants of health, not just diet and exercise. 

This is wellness with awareness.


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