Lockdown Glowup – Discussed

Feeling pressure to be overly productive and lose weight during quarantine? Welcome to the first episode of the third series on this podcast, called “Discussed,” where I discuss my thoughts and opinions on different topics related to toxic diet and wellness culture messaging.  This episode is all about the pressure from diet culture to comeContinue reading “Lockdown Glowup – Discussed”

Intuitive Eating – Explained

Am I affected by diet culture? How can I get out of the diet mentality and heal my relationship with food and my body? This episode gives an overview of the concept Intuitive Eating, which was created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch and outlined in their book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach.  IContinue reading “Intuitive Eating – Explained”

Welcome to The Diet Dump

Welcome to The Diet Dump.  I’m your host, Tess Palin. I am an eating disorder survivor and future registered dietitian. Join me and this podcast in taking down diet culture’s myths with the hard facts.  I am someone who spent many years wrapped up in diet culture and buying into its misinformation, so I knowContinue reading “Welcome to The Diet Dump”