Lockdown Glowup – Discussed

Feeling pressure to be overly productive and lose weight during quarantine?

Welcome to the first episode of the third series on this podcast, called “Discussed,” where I discuss my thoughts and opinions on different topics related to toxic diet and wellness culture messaging. 

This episode is all about the pressure from diet culture to come out of quarantine, a hotter, more accomplished version of ourselves. I talk about my struggles with this pressure and the dangers that this pressure may have on the general public. 

I hope this episode plants the seeds for redefining what productivity and health means during this unpredictable time. I hope you take a look inward to address whether or not you are engaging in activities that actually align with your values and bring you joy during this quarantine, or if you are trying to live by diet culture’s distorted values.

Health is not under-fueling, over-exercising, and pushing the limits of “productivity.” Health is honoring our bodies needs, including the needs of our mental, emotional, social, and physical well beings. This time can be savored and taken as an opportunity to relax and practice genuine self care, not a time to punish our bodies. Our bodies do so much for us, let’s take this time to treat them with compassion, allow them to rest, nourish them adequately, and move them in ways that make our mind and body happy.

You can not hate yourself to happiness, and a little self compassion can go a long way.

Listen to the episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6lal4lTft3XW7xVLcEJFvx?si=ajmkz2nsRuuRZzsn-iWmDg

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